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OCTG – Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe

Petro Tube supply OCTG, oilfield casing, tubing, drill pipes, pup joints, drill collars, crossovers, HDD rods and associated premium tubular products and other OCTG accessories to the regional Oilfield, Oil & Gas related projects.

Seamless and ERW Casing

Specification                     API 5CT

Grades                 K55, N80, L80, C95, P110, Chrome, J55(Modified), J55 (API), PS80

Special Grades                  For sour services and for deep well with high collapse properties

Dimensions                        OD 4″ – 26″ WT – 0.2 -0.5″

Length range                     1, 2 or 3

Thread connections                        API (STC and LTC), BTC, extreme line, VAM premium connections, integral connections, integral metal seal connections, threaded and coupled connections and integral thread seal connections, etc.


Seamless and ERW Tubing

We supply tubing in various ranges, grades, color identification and types, threaded with API and Premium connections Seamless (SMLS)

Specification: API 5CT

Grades : J55 (API) J55(Modified), N80, L80, L80 13Cr, P110, Q125, H40 (API)

Thread connections: API 5B – Last Edition or Premium, VAM Premium, EUE, NUE, special seal, metal-to-metal seal and VAGT

 Specialty Grades: Chrome and high performance grades

Length range: 1, 2 or 3

Dimensions: OD 1.9 – 4.5″ WT 0.19 – 0.27″


Drill Pipe and Production Pipe

We supply API Drill Pipe of wide variety of sizes, designs, and metallurgy and manufactured from high quality seamless pipes and connections with all API 5D and or as per required specifications.

Specification: API 5D and other Specifications

Dimensions: OD 2 3/8″ – 6 5/8″

Length: up to 15′ (4.57M)

With friction-welded tool joints, according to API or in VAM design Classified yellow band and premium class in grades E-75, X 95, G-105 and S-135


Production, work over and drilling riser

Dimensions                                        OD up to 26″

Drill Stem products, Collars and Pup Joints

·         Production Pipe ·         Structural Pipe
·         Production Casing ·         Structural Casing
·         Production Rods ·         Structural Tubing
·         Production Tubing ·         Structural Rods


OCTG Accessories

·         Christmas-Trees ·         HDD Rods ·         Pup Joints
·         Collars ·         Heavy Weight Drill Pipe ·         Spiral Drill Collars
·         Crossovers ·         Lifting Subs. Torques ·         Valves
·         Drill Bits ·         Packers ·         Wellheads
·         Drill Collars ·         Pony Drill Collars


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