Offshore Instrumentation and Control

Petro Controls is a leading global supplier of offshore Instrumentation and Control solutions for the oil and gas industry

·         Calibration Equipment ·         Incremental and Absolute Shaft Encoders
·         Controllers ·         Optical and Laser Sensors, Digital and Analogue
·         Indicators ·         Pressure Transmitters


Petro Controls provides both offshore and drilling instrumentation.

  • Offshore Instrumentation
  • Ballast Monitoring Systems and Ballast Control Systems
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Winch \ Windlass Monitoring
  • Bulk Inventory Management

Drilling Instrumentation

  • Electronic Automatic Drilling Instrumentation
  • Draw works Disc Brake Systems
  • Traveling Block Controller
  • Electronic Crown Protector
  • MD Totco equivalent hydraulic and electronic spare parts
  • Rig Floor Instrumentation – Analog and Digital
  • Computer Based Instrumentation
  • Hydraulic Rig Instrumentation
  • Battery Powered Instruments
  • Integrated Drilling Cabins
  • Draw works Control


We supply a wide range of instrumentation, process control and automation systems for applications where precision and repeatability are very important features.

·         Accelerometer ·         Pressure Switches
·         Calibration Systems ·         Resistance Temperature Detectors
·         Diaphragm Seals ·         Strain Gauges
·         Electronic Pressure Transmitters ·         Thermocouples
·         Laboratory Pressure Gauges ·         Thermometers
·         Pressure Gauges both Differential & Low ·         Thermo-Wells
·         Pressure Sensors  


Subsea Production and Well Equipment

  • Non-Magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant, Fireproof Tools
  • Anti-Fouling Subsea Marker
  • Topside and Subsea Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Offshore and Subsea Equipment and Seabed Excavation Services
  • Subsea Engineering Equipment


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