Hazardous Area Supplies

Equipment for Hazardous Area

Equipment with Explosion Protection

Petro Safety supplies diverse range of intrinsically safe and explosion protected electrical and electronic equipment. We offer an extensive range of products that are all certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. We also provide a wide range of equipment for various requirements and applications including Process Automation, Monitoring and Control, Electrical Installation, Test, Calibration and Communication.

Hazardous Area Equipment includes Specialist Alarm, Signal and Control Equipment, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and extreme environmental conditions.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

Explosion Proof Electrical Items

Petro Safety supplies some of the following Hazardous Area Equipment

·         Bells and Horns ·         Control Systems ·         Motorized Sirens
·         Cable Glands ·         Electronic Sounders ·         Plugs & Sockets
·         Call Point ·         Flashing Lights ·         Sounders & Beacons
·         Continuous Lights ·         Heaters ·         Pushbuttons, Breakglasses Speakers
·         Control Stations ·         Junction Boxes ·         Motorized Sirens
·         Status Lamps


Control Stations and Junction Boxes

Control Stations and Junction Boxes intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. All these products are corrosion resistant and come in a wide variety of options, including:

Fire and Flame Detection

  • Flame Detectors – Intrinsically Safe Smoke and Heat Detectors


Portable Gas Detectors

  • Multigas – Portable Gas Detector
  • Single Gas – Portable Gas Detectors

Toxic Gas Detection Equipment

·         Chemcassette Detection Technology ·         Toxic Gas Management Systems
·         Portable Gas Detectors ·         Multi-point Analyzers


Liquids Monitoring

·         IR Open Path Gas Detector ·         Catalytic Flammable Gas Detector
·         Intelligent Flammable Gas Detector ·         Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector
·         Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector ·         Control Systems


We supply intrinsically safe interface modules, explosion-protected luminaries, emergency lighting luminaries, terminal boxes, switchgears and plugs and sockets that are specially designed for use under difficult conditions and in the offshore projects.


Explosion-Protected Luminaries

·         Handlamps ·         Emergency Lighting Luminaries ·         Flood Lights
·         Fluorescent Light Fittings ·         Pendant Light Fittings ·         Discharge Lamps


Explosion-Protected Plugs and Sockets

  • Plugs and Sockets – Socket Distributions

Explosion-Protected Terminal Boxes

  • Junction – Terminal Boxes and Intermediate Motor Terminal Boxes

Explosion-Protected Switchgears

  • Control Stations – Safety, Control and Manual Motor Starter Switches

Explosion-Protected Switch and Distribution Installations

  • Distributions in Modular Designs
  • Trace Heating Distributions
  • Motor Starters

Intrinsically Safe Products

Emergency Lighting

  • Explosion Protected Emergency and Escape Sign Luminaries
  • Luminaries for Self-Contained Battery Units

Explosion Protected Equipment for Offshore Projects

We supply explosion protected equipment for the offshore projects for almost every application in hazardous areas for the use for exploration, transport, processing and distribution of oil and natural gas

  • Switchgear
  • Light Fittings
  • Intrinsically Safe Components and Systems for Measurement, Control and Regulation
  • Hazardous Area Alarms, Signals and Controls
  • Explosion proof and Weatherproof electrical equipment


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