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Engines, Motors and Parts


Industrial, Marine, Oilfield Engine, Motor and Parts


Industrial Diesel Engine


We are capable of offering a wide range of Diesel Engines for various different applications for industrial, marine, heavy plant, offshore projects, etc.

·         Detroit Diesel Engine ·         VM ·         Allison ·         Deutz
·         Cummins Diesel Engine ·         Scania ·         Transmissions ·         John Deere
·         Iveco ·         Caterpillar ·         Ford
·         Gardne ·         Perkins ·         Yamaha
·         Volvo Penta ·         Mercedes


We can also provide a wide range of new and genuine diesel engines and parts. We offer a full range of diesel engine models.


Industrial Diesel Engine Parts

·         After-Coolers ·         Engine Blocks ·         Starters
·         Alternators ·         Flywheels ·         Turbochargers
·         Bell Housings ·         Front Timing Covers ·         Water Pumps
·         Crankshafts ·         Oil Pans
·         Cylinder Heads ·         Fuel Pumps


We supply diesel engine parts for most major Brands truck engine. We offer a variety of diesel engines, transmissions, front axles, rear axle cutoffs and many more parts and accessories. We can supply replacement parts for heavy-duty diesel engines and equipment, specializing in Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Komatsu, etc.




We supply energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives from small fan motors to several thousand horsepower motors.

  • AC Motors & AC Controls
  • DC Motors & DC Controls
  • Servo Motors & Servo Drives
  • Motion Controls
  • Gearing & Mechanical Drives


We are also is a provider of solutions for electric motors and motor control systems focusing on a comprehensive range of efficient and high quality products and services.


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