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Butterfly Valves

We supply butterfly valves both for isolation and control purpose.

We supply valves in all kind of materials, both soft seated and metal seated butterfly valves. We do different connections such as weld ends, hub ends, flanged, lugged type or traditional wafer type. The valves are available both to ANSI standard and to DIN standard in various pressure classes.


Butterfly valves are widely used in fluid handling systems, offering advantages over other valve types:


  • Lightweight
  • Space saving
  • Tight shut off
  • Wide choice of materials
  • Ability to handle corrosive/ abrasive applications
  • Suitable for high pressure/ vacuum
  • Used for on/off and control applications


Body styles available are: wafer, wafer lug, double flanged and butt weld end.


  • Triple eccentric metal/metal seating
  • Top entry for cryogenic applications
  • Full range of materials
  • Rubber lined
  • Specials – steam body jackets are also available to heat the disc
  • Size 3” to 120”
  • Full range of trim materials to suit service conditions



WKM, Demco, Shipham, Crane/Stockham, TTV, Superseal

We stock a wide variety of butterfly valves, from general purpose to PTFE lined and high performance double and triple offset valves

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