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API 6D Gate Valve

Petro Valves through conduit gate valves are designed, manufactured and test in accordance with API ANSI and ASME requirements.

High-quality, through-conduit, expanding gate valves engineered for performance in critical isolation applications where a tight mechanical seal that is normally unaffected by pressure variations and vibrations is needed.

API 6D Gate Valve:

  • Expanding Gate
  • Slab Gate
  • Size: 2” to 48”


Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valve

The expanding gate valve is a high performance gate valve with outstanding features. This type of valve possesses functions of double & bi-directional sealing and reinforced mechanical sealing. It is full bore and feasible for pipe pigging, and is widely used in pipelines of subterranean heat steam, petroleum, natural gas production, transmission, collection and storage. It is also suitable for corrosive fluids like coal gas, acid, alkali and etc. Full bore suitable for pipeline pigging, smooth path, small fow resistance and no pressure loss. Valve body is an integral casting piece which has adequate rigidity against external force in pipeline. It is full port, circle shape and through conduit, this makes small loss of pressure and pipe pigging feasible. No matter if the valve is fully open or fully closed, the fluid is insulated from valve cavity, this feature allows the operator to release the pressure through vent & drain fittings in an emergency situation. The unique top-entry design enables professional maintenance personnel to change the internal parts of the valve in-line. Due to bi-directional sealing design, the pressure entrapped in valve cavity cannot be released to down stream through downstream seat; the pressure may rise because of temperature change or other reasons. In this case, the pressure in valve cavity can be released by a safety device in valve body so that to assure the safe running of the pipeline and facilities. The installation location of this kind of valve is diverse; it can be vertical, horizontal, backward or slanting. Stem packing Material can be replaced safely in-line. The fully-enclosed structure has perfect protection property and it is all-weather suitable.





Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valve

  • Expanding mechanical gate forms positive tight sealing
  • Seals at low and high pressure
  • Double block and bleed capabilities
  • Secondary sealant injections at seats and stem
  • Optional by-pass system for thermal cavity relief venting
  • Full port thru conduit for passage of pigs
  • Available in A216 WCB, CF8M 316SS, A216WCC and Other Materials
  • Live loaded packing design for low fugitive emissions. (optional)


Thru Conduit Slab Gate

  • Pressure assisted seats for high pressure sealing
  • Spring loaded seat for low pressure sealing
  • Available in A216 WCB, CF8M 316SS, A216WCC and Other Materials
  • Double block and bleed capabilities
  • Internal pressure relieving through self relieving seats
  • Secondary sealant injection at seats and stems
  • Full port thru conduit for passage of pigs


WKM, Walworth

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